A gold IRA is a tax-advantaged Investment Retirement Asset based on physical gold such as bullions or gold coins. It is a highly-regarded offshoot of precious metals IRAs in which approved metals are held in custody for the IRA account owner’s benefit.

According to industry slang, ‘gold IRA’ is the general term used to refer to precious metals IRAs. There’s hardly a doubt why this is so.

It’s almost conventional wisdom that investing in gold is just as smart outside a retirement plan as it is within it.

Do you recall seeing or hearing this quote by Matthew Hart from a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair?

He said:

An ounce of gold cost $271 in 2001. Ten years later it reached $1,896—an increase of almost 700 percent. On the way, it passed through some of the stormiest periods of recent history, when banks collapsed and currencies shivered. The gold price fed on these calamities. In a way, it came to stand for them: it was the re-discovered idol at a time when other gods were falling in a heap of subprime mortgages and credit default swaps and derivative products too complicated to even understand. Against these, gold shone with the placid certainty of received tradition. Honored through the ages, the standard of wealth, the original money, the safe haven.

Investors across the world have long since used gold to diversity their portfolio and to enable them to wither the storms of inflation.

In terms of liquidation, it is more advantageous to hold gold coins than it is to hold bullions.

Bullions are more difficult to sell due to their price, the ease of them being counterfeited, their weight and special security needs.

To meet IRS requirements, gold IRAs, like other IRAs, need to be in the possession of a custodian or trustee – and not in the IRA account owner’s possession.

The Self-Storage IRA arrangement is not been approved or recognized by the IRS and could lead to a tax liability and imposition of a tax penalty upon the IRA account owner.

The laws of taking distributions from gold IRAs are the same of those of regular IRAs.

So if you are considering joining the party, you have the option of getting physical gold in a self-directed IRA or one directed by a trust company.

There are a lot of options available then it comes to choosing a company to handle your Gold IRA.

There are a lot of gold IRA companies out there but you need to do a lot of research first before diving in.

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